FAQs – HEXAIND Technologies and Services




How to make payment for service booked / delivered / under development?

You will be sent a digital invoice with details like online payment link / bank account details. You can make payment using that.


How long will it take to receive payment receipts after successful payment?

Our team will review the payment and you will receive payment receipt / acknowledgement within 6 hours from the payment time.


Is partial payment allowed?

Yes, partial payments are allowed. Customers are allowed to edit the payment amount while making online payments. However, it should not violate the service specific terms and conditions, available in the invoice sent.


What happens when a service is due for renewal?

We will take all efforts to communicate and remind you about the renewal process starting from 30 days before expiry. The service will be continued / discontinued depending on customers consent.


What happens if payment is delayed / renewal is delayed?

Customers will be notified up to 3 times to complete the payment. If not paid / renewed, a complete backup of the service will be created and archived. All services will be stopped. Additional charges may be included, if customers wish to restore the services after suspension.